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I open the eyes. Where am I ? An experimental travel in two soul walking around Vienna.

From a text by B# and Léa Promaja.

Anstatt. “Instead of”. A reflexion on the multiple ways to experience one place. The only stable character of this work is Vienna. This bilingual soundpiece (english-german) was co-written afar by two persons that had never seen each other.  In touch thank to radio networks, hey met for the first time in Vienna, for the production of this work. “Instead of” is a creation that was born without being planned. Thank you B#, my co-author, for this unexpected adventure !

This work comes from germanophony : Vienna. Produced in 2015, it is “released” in French now, subtitled. A radio Orange and Col-me orgaanization production, broadcasted oin Radia network in 2015.

For the audio version, check here.

Thanks to Ulrike and Mark for proofreading the subtitles and to Chap’ for the video solutions.

With the kind autorization of the author of the drawing François Henninger  for his work of art, publisehd on the October 25th, “En attendant t’avenue”

(Waiting for your ‘avenue (attempt of translation of the title that is a play on words in French)