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Sounds from Rossio Square, Lisbon / Sons do Rossio, Lx

Rossio time from Léa Promaja on Vimeo. Video in English and French, on Portuguese audio Soundclud : only in the original language, Portuguese Lisbonn’s sky is grey. People around whisper this word, a huge word: the struggle. On Rossio square, people baptized their movement different … Read More

paysage sonore de Pristine

Soundscapes of Prishtina

The market in the morning, last day of october. Before getting outside, condensation tells you it is cold outside. Vegetables, people tidying their products on the ending market, steps, and the imam, calling for prayer. This is not an attempt to launch any stereotype about … Read More

bibi refugee


IN ENGLISH – IDP is an abbreviation, commonly used in the international right : people internally displaced during a conflict. Georgia particularly has known this movement of people, with both conflicts in Abkhazia in 92-93 and Ossetia in 2008, that provoked the flight of thousands … Read More


La passion de l’asticot

IN FRENCH ONLY – Worms, it is a hobby. I wouldn’t guess I could get interested by them one day. In Bellenaves, in Allier, we know his stories by heart. He goes from home to home, to take coffees, and for storytelling. He became good … Read More