Who is Léa ?

Léa likes sound,

She follows the draughts

she is one herself

she records them, shares them

No agenda here, fresh news or rotten

but atmospheres that tell,

the street, words, people

sounds, scrapes, squacks and screeches

Desire to tickle fickle eardrums,

for them to feel happy

Promaja, pronouce it “Promaia”, means wind draft, in all Balkans.

Other languages present Léa


This sound website comes from a will to share edited sound piecesthat we do not know where to broadcast : not at the adio because they are in the wrong language, not on screens because subtitles are shown on imageless videos : a simple support for these little sentences, white letters on black background, that help us understand. Not in the media cause they are too long, too short, not factual enough, not pragmatic at all. And ocne someone told me, « look, creating starts from an ideathat needs to be made, but also made public/broadcasted/shown ! If not, it is not finished. Which explains the website, that Yoann – or « The little Box » has started to create – with codes, logos, scanners and HTML dedicated to serve Léa’s sound wanderings. Yoann, I know him from the Balkans, from the same place as Promaja, Léa’s name, that also comes from there. And then you have Nardo, in the Alps. According to inspiration, he sketches sounds. Free to draw whatever he wants. Nearly free. A few rules, but not too many obligations either. Because full freedom limits creativity. Except Léa’s sounds, he draws for a few newspapers, drowning businesses, well not all of them, CQFD keeps going.

This project will evovle. Cause my father says : « only fools don’t change their mind ».

Me, I am a journalist,written and radio. And sound, often takes more than working hours, with a recorder in my bag, instead of a purse. He comes along with ideas, and catures languages from the world, as farsi, the ultimate language I wish I could learn after Albanian, that I timidly stammer. Passionate by languages. Even more by their users, people from the Erth. Time, moments when they laugh, argue, make speeches, love each other ! It’s quite broad. Too much. Therefore there’s no section. I couldn’t classiify them.

Enjoy listening.

And if you have the opportunity, listen to sugar when it falls into the tea. My favorite sound. From all sound from the world. .

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