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Promaja-mi para usi-Radia-Flickr-Credit-Tomislava Sekulic

On the path of Promaja…

A radio essay that flirts with fiction, its link is finally accessible on this website. Travelled to Sheffield with the collective “In the dark radio”, in Ferrara (Festival l’Internationale, Mondo Ascolti) and Brest (Longueur d’ondes) ! And on, for whom I firstly produced it. … Read More

Bologna-Ciclothumperand  sat nav sammy


Saïd was recorded on the spot, unprogrammed, as a young man decided to share his concerns on his life, and share his poetic way to do so, right in the middle of a cycling workshop. He adresses, through his personal life and feelings, the most … Read More

Promaja-mi para usi-Radia-Flickr-Credit-Tomislava Sekulic

Promaja is on air – February 2013

Listen to Léa Promaja on FM and streaming this week – 11th to 17th of February. The essence of Léa’s is in a word, Promaja. Sound piece on air all this week on 23 radios in Europe and beyond. From a group of radios willing … Read More


Freedom from Pessoa

The poem of Lord Pessoa, Mister Person, in Portuguese. M. Someone, or maybe No one as it could be in French translation. Except that M. No One became someone, the brightest poet of lusphone’s litterature. Don’t get angry, Fernando. I took the freedom to give … Read More

à mon frère revenant d'italie

Repeat after Paolo

IN ITALIAN – ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL – The chalk crumbles on the blackboard. The chairs creak. Students arrive one by one, from four, they are now twenty-five. All from India or Bangladesh, all immigrants in Italy, with or without papers. And all are absorbed by … Read More

Jean Louis Bis N&B - long

P’tit Jean, Little John, in other words

IN FRENCH – P’tit Jean, Little John, in other words, memories of elder sisters about their little brother, my father. Called P’tit Jean when he was a small kid.

bibi refugee


IN ENGLISH – IDP is an abbreviation, commonly used in the international right : people internally displaced during a conflict. Georgia particularly has known this movement of people, with both conflicts in Abkhazia in 92-93 and Ossetia in 2008, that provoked the flight of thousands … Read More