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гласот на земјотресот / Léa in the street for the 50th commemoration of Skopje’s earthquake

An installation gets prepared for the 26th of July. Imagine beer boxes that walk around Skopje… Or more exactly, people that go around with beer boxes on their heads. The stop. Mkae a break. They invite the passer-by to listen to a creative documentary Cosy. … Read More

Inverted nuvem

Kate & Shule

Kate and Shule from Léa Promaja on Vimeo. Kate and Shule On that day, in Bitola, we were watching the summer shooting stars with a group of people. Shule, freshly met, mentionned he was deeply in love when being a child. Thanks to Kate, and … Read More

United Colours of Elections

United colours of elections/Обединети бои на изборите

Sound in French and Macedonian – Text in English, Italian. __ ENGLISH __ In each and every corner, electoral adverstiment and slogans tell me “to chose acts”. This is my act. Although I am not allowed to vote in Macedonia, as I am a stranger. … Read More


Anonymous massage

They’re shy and have asthma, but still, they accepted to let me record their performance. An ear massage, only for you. They accepted on condition of anonymity.


Cats don’t talk

Sitted at my desk, some warmth on my laps. I have a cat mummy/mother on my laps, and three suckling kitties, my ears are amplified thanks to the headphones, I record them, closer, I get in their cocoon. The fur isolates and renders a sound … Read More


Women of the 22nd century / жените се криви

IN FRENCH AND MACEDONIAN – Summer 2011 - Skopje, 7.30 AM. Sometimes, my interviews end up with this question : are you married? This has happened to me, often. This day, relaxed after a good night of sleeping, I had the patience to listen to … Read More

Roki en accords

Spécial dédicace pour toi, Mam’zelle

ONLY SOUND TRACK NO SPEAKING – Roki, I see him as many times as I walk around in the old town of SKopje. Which means, very often. On this day, I gave him some pictures I had taken from him, a few days earlier; WHich … Read More