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Ćoška, Serbia, love wanderings

Ćoška from Léa Promaja on Vimeo.

Subtitles in French and English, original language : serbian

June 2013.
Sound collage, made in Vranje, South Serbia. Words pronounced by its inhabitants, sounds form its streets. Randomly collected, based on questions raising from first impressions of a city that would be called “city of love”, where meat consumption is huge and that has this half-abandonned park above the city centre, former lovers meeting point, Ćoška.

Ćoška means corner, it’s a field above Vranje. Where 17 artists from Serbia, Italy, Netherlands and France worked, from 17th to June 21st, 2013.
This soundwork in Serbian, made on field was presented in Lazaropole, Macedonia (COllective listening on the village square, July 2013), and on air, on Kanal 103, SKopje after Balkan street festival’s résidence in Vranje.

It was drawn by Léa for the fanzine project of Šejma Prodanovic. http://sejma.jimdo.com/

Thanks to Ludogre for his free software works for subtitling the sound.

Ćoška become part of a larger project, Video from Art Jam Vranje 2013 – sound Michel Assier-Andrieu and Léa Promaja.
Our collective Stop motion film, Art jam circus, directed by Miloš TomiĆ

Another video edited by Farah Rahman