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Lulu, true story

A sound “wink”, a one minute soundwork born in the night between November the 10th and 11th, 2016. A work done together with Guisane Humeau. Lulu was broadcasted in a Canal Sud Programm dedicated to Guisane Humeau’s works, on January 17th. Photo/Drawing : L.P.


Would you bring me for a visit?

What is factory life about ? For who does not work there, there no real way to get a concrete idea of it. So, someone has to tell about it. It will be Mimmo. (Title in italian –Mi faresti entrare ? ) This project got … Read More



In the middle of a field. At the family farm. A lonely moment, recorded : in front of a cow’s herd longing for a greener field.

Bologna-Ciclothumperand  sat nav sammy


Saïd was recorded on the spot, unprogrammed, as a young man decided to share his concerns on his life, and share his poetic way to do so, right in the middle of a cycling workshop. He adresses, through his personal life and feelings, the most … Read More


Нешто / “The Thing” in the Old Town, Skopje

A transformed tea room. Candles. Carpets and pillows, turkish tea. Ottoman atmosphere. Normal, we are in the old town, in Skopje. A little recap for who was not present : the audience expects images, as a reflex. But the revendication of such a moment, is … Read More

Inverted nuvem

Kate & Shule

Kate and Shule from Léa Promaja on Vimeo. Kate and Shule On that day, in Bitola, we were watching the summer shooting stars with a group of people. Shule, freshly met, mentionned he was deeply in love when being a child. Thanks to Kate, and … Read More


Sacré Phone, Holly Phone, Paris

Main language – French. Atmospheres in various languages, english arabic and kabyle (Berber idioma from Northern Africa). A taxiphone, Internet, telephone and computer service in one shop. Sacré Phone, like Sacré Coeur, Montmarte church in the centre of Paris. From the street, the front of … Read More